Pre-construction is a series of planning phases that help ensure a construction project is a success. It enables design and construction teams to effectively collaborate in moving from concept to completion. At Mike Rovner Construction, our mission is to bring the client’s vision to life and deliver a final product with exceptional and efficient results.

Before any construction job begins, we deliver a complete set of planning and engineering services. This design/bid/build approach to construction defines the full scope of the project. We assist each client in the design phase and with budgeting, selecting building materials, and finding any issues and determining how to resolve them beforehand. Therefore, the client and construction team can get a clear picture of the project and its feasibility.

Our Pre-Construction Process

This stage of construction offers the following benefits:

  • There is complete control over project specifications.
  • All objectives are clearly laid out.
  • A full project timeline is developed.
  • Site plans and evaluations are completed.
  • A full risk analysis factors in every design element and potential issue.

Due Diligence

Due diligence is, essentially, a discovery step, so construction managers can fully understand the client’s goals. Every detail is used to formulate a strategy. During the first meeting, all primary objectives are defined, so it’s understood how much work needs to be done.

Conceptual Budgets

Any property owner, real estate firm or professional, or investor needs to establish a budget before a construction project begins. A conceptual budget goes beyond materials and other tangible components to include budgetary data from similar projects.

Design Development

Our general contractor accounts for all the client’s wants and needs to create an initial design. The latest digital tools help build a project schematic. We can then help the client visualize the expected results, including where equipment, furnishings, and other elements will be placed.

Cost Estimates

A variety of factors are examined to put together a preliminary construction budget. Our team is familiar with every aspect of pre-construction. Following a full design and engineering assessment, we can provide an accurate estimate prior to any bid.

Value Engineering

From improved function to reduced cost, our objective is to ensure clients are satisfied. We consider everything from construction quality to implementation of HVAC, electric, and plumbing systems. This ensures the right decisions are made and the building performs as expected.


A preliminary schedule outlines when different parts of a job will begin and end. Its components are often estimates, as timelines often change. We can provide a start time and a general idea of when the project will be completed.

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