Our Value Engineering Process

At Mike Rovner Construction, our mission is to serve our clients by providing them with the best possible outcome for their projects. Value engineering in construction is an important step in this process, enabling us to serve owners, developers, and managers of multi-family, hospitality and commercial properties by developing the most efficient and cost-effective renovation plans.

How It Works

The goal of value engineering is to maximize the functional aspects of the project, at the same time, it looks at how costs can be minimized. Achieving these objectives requires planning, which is done through a functional analysis of systems, services, and materials enabling out team to provide alternative solutions to be considered for integration into the plans.

Why Put Time into Value Engineering?

The creative, team-based approach helps identify the main elements of a project, analyze their functions, and develop alternative ways to deliver the same or better outcomes. It also includes an assessment of these alternatives that includes cost allocation, providing insight into long-term value and return on investment.

A fresh perspective from experienced team members can help increase satisfaction with the outcome of the project. There tends to be fewer changes and delays in projects when the value engineering process is used. Although still a cost-saving measure, value engineering helps manage all aspects of the building lifecycle beyond the initial design and construction phases. It can address:

  • Material sourcing and alternate suggestions
  • Utility efficiency
  • Remedy potential design conflicts
  • Maximizing space
  • Long-term budgeting
  • Maintenance costs

Mike Rovner Construction and Value Engineering

We specialize in construction support services, so we understand how important value engineering in construction is. Our team evaluates cost-saving measures for every project we’re involved in. Able to analyze the impact of value vs. cost, we focus directly on the client’s vision and budget. We believe collaboration achieves the best possible results, while strong leadership has helped us become leaders in the renovation industry.

Mike Rovner Construction, Inc. is committed to working within your preferred time frame and budget. Contact us online or call 805-584-1213 to discuss how we can help you achieve the best outcome and highest ROI for your project.

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