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Earthquake Retrofit in Los Angeles

In 2015, Los Angeles County passed an ordinance that would require many older buildings in the region to be updated with what’s known as an “earthquake retrofit” or “seismic retrofit.” The goal of this unique type of renovation is to improve the structure and performance of these older buildings, making them safer to be in during seismic activity.

Unlike new building projects, retrofits add new structural features to old construction. To ensure that the results of an earthquake retrofit will be effective, it’s important to have it done by knowledgeable, experienced professionals like those at Mike Rovner Construction, Inc.

Earthquake Retrofit Expertise You Can Trust

As a construction company in California, we have a natural obligation to build structures that are as safe and resilient as possible during an earthquake. We also make it our duty to help property owners, land developers, and real estate companies protect their investments and comply with California earthquake retrofit laws.

Our retrofits protect against future seismic activity with additions like these:

  • Moment frames
  • Shear walls
  • Continuity tiles
  • Stabilizing earthquake retrofits for slab foundation buildings

These updates can also make your property more attractive to renters/buyers, reduce potential losses from earthquake damage, and even lower your insurance premiums!

At Mike Rovner Construction, we know how to do a successful retrofit, and we don’t cut corners. We handle all jobs with the utmost care and cleanliness, and we hold all of our work to the highest standards of quality.

Update Commercial or Multi-Family Property with Reliable Earthquake Protection

If you own or manage a duplex, apartment building, or other large-scale property that needs renovations to mitigate earthquake risks, you need a construction company with specialized skills, meticulous standards, and thorough experience. Mike Rovner Construction is that company!

To discuss your property and its estimated earthquake retrofit cost, contact us online or call (805) 584-1213.

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