Mike Rovner Construction, Inc. is a trusted commercial construction company in California. We can handle projects of any size on any budget. Our capabilities include several major commercial construction services for real estate developers, investors, asset management firms, government agencies, and others.


We specialize in the redevelopment of multi-family and commercial spaces, including multi-family dwellings, mid- and high-rise apartment buildings, hospitality properties and large commercial buildings. Our interior renovation professionals can provide full unit upgrades and complete a variety of aesthetic upgrades. We stay on schedule and on budget while also addressing exterior aesthetic improvements including windows, stucco and siding, waterproofing for roofing and decks, landscaping and property amenities.. Our clients benefit from our use of engineering principles that maximize value and manage costs.

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Support Services

Our construction support services for property owners, managers, developers, and real estate firms include destructive testing to assess infrastructure issues, water meter calibration testing, and project consultant support. Able to estimate costs,  explain complex details and offer cost saving measures, our team can work with all parties involved in a project. We can review contractor bids to determine who is most competitive and even negotiate with bidders. Feasibility studies can be conducted, and we can be a liaison between you and municipal and governmental agencies.

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Moving a property from one class to another requires many things. Most notable are exterior aesthetic features, interior unit redesigns and major modifications to property amenities. Our experienced team helps owners and managers achieve their visions by providing expert renovation services including structural improvements, building modifications, site improvements and delivering a superior product on time and on budget. Let our team transform your underperforming property into a top performing asset.

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Pre Construction

Working with a client’s initial concept to help realize their vision, collaboration between the design and construction teams is critical  Guesswork leads to higher costs in construction, but we can eliminate much of it and provide a clear picture of how clients should proceed. Working with an experienced team who handle budgeting, design development, cost estimating, value engineering, and project scheduling, help deliver a final product that exceeds expectations.

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Earthquake Retrofit

In California, the seismic codes are the strictest in the country. Mike Rovner Construction provides earthquake retrofits for older structures. Our experienced professionals can fully assess your building and retrofit it with moment frames, shear walls, and more to protect it against seismic activity. We can even stabilize slab foundation buildings with the proper retrofits. Aside from preventing earthquake damage and potential losses, we can help improve property value and make your structure more insurable.

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For more information about our hospitality and apartment renovations and building improvement services, get in touch with our multi-family/commercial renovations experts at 805-584-1213.

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