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Pre-Construction Management Services

At Mike Rovner Construction, we provide pre-construction services focused on efficiency—from concept through completion. Our goal is to ensure the final product represents the client’s vision. We ensure each construction project receives the most careful attention to planning. Clients throughout Northern and Southern California can therefore benefit from our pre-construction planning, project scheduling, and engineering services.

Why Pre-Construction Services?

Construction projects involve a lot of planning. Managing the pre-construction process provides clients with a clear picture of how to proceed. It also eliminates a lot of guesswork, including how a project will be executed and when it will be completed. Pre-construction also weighs several options, for example, those that yield savings. By working closely with the client, we can ensure expectations are realistic and all options are evaluated.

Our Commitment to Our Mission

  • Due diligence: A major aspect of the pre-construction process, due diligence is when measurements are taken and every detail is considered. It helps ensure a project is buildable and meets all relevant building codes. An experienced contractor must determine zoning requirements and whether plumbing, electrical service, and HVAC units are adequate. The more detail considered, the better the success of a project can be predicted.
  • Conceptual budgets: Budgeting considers costs of materials, labor, and more from the start. A conceptual design estimate factoring in long-term solutions should happen before you decide on an approach. It carries only a ±6% margin of error, compared to feasibility studies that carry a ±20% margin of error. Research requires skill, and our team can estimate up-front and lifetime costs of a building in Southern and Northern California.
  • Design development: The design phase is central to the project’s success. To get this part right, we meet with the client and manage our pre-construction services according to their unique goals. A strategy is outlined, and we assemble a team to define the scope of the project, develop a schedule, and present the business owner with a cost estimate. We also further evaluate utility requirements, constructability, risk, and requirements of local municipalities.
  • Cost estimates: Our team provides pre-construction cost estimates based on industry expertise. We factor in the scope of a project, its location, building materials, and other cost-sensitive matters, looking at where the client can save. Pre-construction can account for 1% to 3% of the project’s total cost and prepare the client for a host of issues that may arise.
  • Value engineering: Here is where cost-saving alternatives are presented and evaluated. The value-engineering phase often involves considering energy-efficient features, alternative materials, and design change proposals. Newer equipment and materials may be considered. Whether you’re considering lean building practices or not, this step can help maximize value and reduce costs by focusing on function.
  • Project scheduling: We consider all variables to determine start and end dates. Outlining a schedule for contractors is an essential step, so all parties are held accountable. The initial schedule outlines key milestones and tasks, while adding check-in dates ensures the client is updated on progress. Timelines can change, but pre-construction enables room for flexibility while factoring in every variable.

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