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Full Unit Upgrades

Mike Rovner Construction stands out from other renovation companies, in that we can manage everything from new construction to full unit upgrades. Our skilled employees adhere to strict quality standards in renovating everything from garden-style multi-family dwellings to high-rise apartment buildings, commercial structures, and hospitality properties. As skilled interior renovation contractors, we are able to meet any requirement regardless of the size and scope of the project and the client’s budget.

We have completed commercial, hospitality and apartment renovation projects across California. Complete upgrades are provided while meeting key goals such as decreasing costs and maximizing the value of your property. Our contractors and project leaders are also highly skilled at time management—utilizing the latest software to manage all aspects of projects to meet specific timelines.

A Leader in Residential and Commercial Renovation

Working with property owners, managers, and developers, our team can perform any type of interior renovation. A full unit upgrade often referred to as a unit turn, can include demolition, framing, drywall, plumbing, mechanical and electrical work, as well as insulation, lighting, cabinetry, fixtures and finishes. In addition, we can reconfigure unit layouts; provide windows, doors, and other elements; add in-unit laundry and update all surfaces as needed. Clients count on us to manage all the pieces of the puzzle, including planning, materials, labor management, quality control, and commitment.

Quality Work with Minimal Disruption

Renovation work can be extremely disruptive. To minimize disruptions to residential and commercial tenants and maximize value, a thorough renovation schedule is created. We have full control over the timeline as our skilled employees perform as much of the work as possible and aim to achieve the highest occupancy achievable during a project. Our services aren’t limited to updating individual rooms or units; we can also completely overhaul corridors, lobbies, community spaces, and recreation rooms.

Commercial and apartment renovations aren’t our only specialty. We’ve also converted commercial facilities, such as movie theaters, into residential properties as well as renovating hospitality properties. Regardless of the type of project, our company provides interior renovation services with the same level of quality throughout Los Angeles, Orange County, San Diego County, and Northern California.

One of California’s Most Trusted Renovation Companies

At Mike Rovner Construction, we have the experience, tools, and commitment to renovate any building and turn it into a high-value rental property. We are involved during every step of the process. Our team ensures the highest quality results and on-time, on-budget completion regardless of the size and scope of the project. To learn more about how we can renovate your apartment building, office, or hospitality property, call 805-584-1213 or submit a message online. We look forward to discussing your needs for full unit upgrades as part of any residential or commercial renovation.

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