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Redevelopment of Multi-Family and Commercial Living Spaces

Mike Rovner Construction specializes in large-scale multifamily and commercial construction projects in and around Los Angeles, Orange County, and San Jose. Our commercial renovations include high-rise apartment buildings, commercial structures, and hospitality properties. We provide a wide range of support services for property owners, managers, and developers. Whether your project involves repositioning, an earthquake retrofit, or an interior upgrade, our team is up to the task.

Commercial and Multi-Family Renovations

Our experienced apartment renovation contractors can provide any type of interior renovations for your property. Whether your goal is to update and modernize the layout of a unit or install energy-efficient insulation and appliances, we can meet your needs. We provide complete interior renovations and can achieve any type of result you specify.

Additionally, we renovate the exteriors of buildings, providing improvements such as windows, siding and other façade improvements, railings, deck coatings and waterproofing for roofing. Adding or updating site amenities such as landscaping, pools, playgrounds, and other recreational features? Our seasoned project managers, office personnel and field staff work together to ensure your budget and timeline are met. Focused on teamwork, we collaborate with sub-contractors, suppliers, and others to ensure that the finest workmanship and materials go into your renovation project.

Why Choose Us for Living Space Construction

We are value-engineering experts, finding ways to maximize the long-term value of your project while limiting costs as much as possible. From our project managers to our field staff, we include everyone and consider every aspect of your project with the goal of identifying and mitigating any conflicts ahead of time and providing the best solutions for your property. We’ll stay within budget even amid rising costs of materials and labor shortages.

Given our diligent planning process, we stay on schedule. Our team members are in constant communication with one another and everyone we work with, including our clients. Our team manages all aspects of your multi-family renovation project and we always anticipate unexpected challenges and meet them with practical solutions.

Mike Rovner Construction: Trusted for Large-Scale Property Redevelopment

Redeveloping multi-family living spaces, hospitality and commercial properties requires the expertise of a skilled contractor and the construction team at Mike Rovner Construction is equipped and ready to bring your project from concept to completion. Our team of experts has planned, overseen, and completed projects of various sizes with many large-scale renovations across Southern California. Our experienced team can handle all types of multifamily and commercial renovations of any type and scope.

For garden, mid- and high-rise apartment building renovations or help with your commercial construction project, you can depend on Mike Rovner Construction. Feel free to contact us on the web or call 805-584-1213. We’re looking forward to collaborating with you.

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