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Construction Support Services in California

Mike Rovner Construction is trusted throughout Southern California (our offices are based in Lake Forest and Moorpark) and Northern California (San Jose). We provide construction support services ranging from destructive testing to project management consulting, feasibility studies, litigation support, and interaction with government bodies. Our services support property owners, developers, property management companies, and real estate firms.

Why Mike Rovner Construction

We are committed to collaborating with each client to help reach their goals. Our team can support the unique needs of every construction project (commercial properties and large multi-family residential units), providing expert consultant support, invasive building inspections, and all necessary testing. Mike Rovner Construction also serves as a liaison between your business and municipal and government agencies.


Our professionals can support many types of construction projects. In addition to assistance with project planning and execution, you can rely on our experienced team for:

  • Destructive Testing: Where drilling holes, creating indentations, or other destructive techniques are best suited for measuring residual stresses, our team can conduct accurate measurements. An invasive building inspection allows for a more in-depth investigation of, for example, issues with structural framing or the source of moisture ingress
  • Water Meter Calibration Test: A properly functioning water meter provides accurate reporting and ensures water bills are accurate. Water meter calibration can prevent lost revenue and contribute to the profitability of your property. We can help avoid cost-efficiency issues and disputes with your water company.
  • Expert Project Consultant Support: We’re experienced in collaborating with contractors and project personnel. Our team can help in reading building blueprints, precisely estimating costs, and explaining complex details to clients. Also, we can verify the quality of construction materials, conduct inspections, and ensure all the details of a contract are fulfilled.
  • Competitive Bidding: We assist in reviewing contractor bids, determining which one is most competitive, and even negotiate with selected bidders. Inexperience can result in mistakes in this crucial step. Our support services include bid solicitation, submission, and selection, as well as selecting the project delivery method, procurement method, and contract model.
  • Property Repositioning: Our team can make aesthetic and functional changes to add value to your property (or reposition it in the real estate marketplace). Repositioning can increase the value of your investment, control expenses, and force appreciation, whether it involves cosmetic, structural, or operational changes.
  • Feasibility Studies: Preliminary studies are crucial at the early stages of large, complex projects. A feasibility study can determine the viability of a project, its environmental impact, and what legal approvals may be required.  It can also include budget analyses, site appraisals, and reviews for potential re-use of existing facilities.
  • Extensive Trade Execution: Self-Performing Contractor: A highly desired service in the construction industry, self-performing can reduce project time with efficient scheduling, subcontractor selection/onboarding, and control through experienced management. It also helps save costs, controls quality, and ensures the safety of crews on the project site.
  • Dealing with Municipal and Governmental Agencies: We apply value engineering to work with any budget to help a customer find suitable pricing. Our team is familiar with the latest standards, so your project remains compliant, and it has worked with many types of agencies in completing time-critical projects that demand lasting, high-quality results.

Let Mike Rovner Construction Support Your Project

From destructive testing to property repositioning, feasibility studies, and even litigation support, our services have helped many residential and commercial clients in Northern and Southern California. Experienced project managers can address all the needs of your construction project. For more details or to discuss your project, call 805-584-1213 or contact us online, today.

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